🔊 Upcoming 'Down-Underground' Australian based Label, Music Studio / Audio Production / Event Management & more • From Dancefloors to Mosh Pits, from Sound Healing Baths to Bedroom Production - we love music in all its glory  🔊

DITCHWORLD was founded in 2018 by Judd Ditch as ONE place to showcase his diversity and variety of musical genres and endeavours over the years.
Judd continued by opening THE DITCH Studio in Thurgoona in 2019
& as he began to collaborate with more and more local artists, musicians, producers and rappers.
DITCHWORLD shifted directions in 2020 (COVID!) Focusing on helping others with Sound production, Video Edits and so forth 
Which brings us into the present year of 2022 - GIGS ARE BACK BABY! 
Much has been going on behind the scenes the past year!
DITCHWORLD opened up a 2nd Studio Space in South Albury as of 2021... so you know what that means! MORE MUSIC! 
To help support our conquest we've added a new store with suppliers & collaborators worldwide as Judd and his team push DITCHWORLD into the future.... into our weird dystopian future that we so desperately need to ditch!


Please contact ditchworld@gmail.com if you would like us at your next party, for for paid promo on our instagram or to submit your psy-art, psy-sounds etc or for general feedback or questions :)