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"The following beat was something I made in Nepal Kathmandu with one of the street kids who taught me all about "Nep-Hop" 

#heavy #trap #808 #164bpm

[this beat example takes roughly 1-2 hours to create] 

"The following beat was a quick loop I made/ extended into an arrangement to rap over, the melody is really basic but the bass is big enough it probably doesn't matter"

#heavy #trap #808
[this beat example takes roughly 1-2 hours to create]

"The following beat had a lot more creative energy put into it, suited for more specific styles of rap that don't mind getting a little weird" 

#suicideboys #trap #trippy #heavy #808 #guitars #150bpm

[this beat example takes roughly 12 Hours > 2 days to create]

"The following beat is the initial hour or so spent on the track DITCHCRAFT for SKYA which after vocals were tracked a lot of post production was added" [Download via Soundcloud]

free for commerical-use 

#rap #sadrap #melodicbeats #808


Give me an idea of what sound you want...
what speed (bpm) and what vibe (scale/key)
any reference material links & also how long should I spend on it?
2hr [basic beat] = $100
12hr [complex beat] = $400

50% downpayment required before creation commences 


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If you decide to use one of these beats for commercial use (i.e you'd like to make money off your track using a DITCHWORLD beat) you will have to purchase the licensing for shared rights & royalties OR purchase the beat (prices/quotes subjective to change over time) otherwise the "content ID" setup will directly claim 100% royalties for DITCHWORLD © 

Purchasing the beat will give you .wav file & "Ditchworld" audio tag will be removed  along with any "beat-tweak" requests

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