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Lessons - Audio Production, Sound Design & More

Lessons - Audio Production, Sound Design & More

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PLEASE READ: DITCHWORLD WILL CONTACT YOU WITHIN 12HRS TO ARRANGE BOOKING - Please feel free to call/text 0466746103 once you have placed the order or if you have any questions :)

General Info:

Online Lessons Now Available!
- All lessons will use Ableton Live (11)
- Zoom will be required for Online Lessons
- You may record the lesson for later viewing

Sound Design:
- bass, effects, drums, Synths    + more Integrations:
- connecting software/hardware
- Mixing >   gain staging, EQ, compression
- Sampling - create unique samples Workflow - optimizing production processes
- Track Arrangement 

What You Need?
- Zoom Account & the Zoom App
- A computer

- A Microphone & Headphones (preferred) or speakers
- A stable high-speed internet connection

(Lessons done at the Studio don't need any equipment - a Laptop / USB will benefit however as I will teach you to get setup without my software/hardware)

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