We're DITCHING this dull NPC boring world & its bad vibes...
It's YOUR love and support helping bring our dreams to life <3 So Thank you for being here :')

Browse our wide variety of psychedelic infused Fashion.
Eye-turning, mind catching dresses, tops, bottoms & outfits. From head to toe, you WILL be the LIGHT of the party!
Trippy Gadgets, Home Decor, Camp, Studio Products & all the latest trends, tech & gaming accessories! Low prices, high quality... this is why we've built such a loyal fanbase since 2020 (and what a rough end that was for Festival Seasons all over the world!)

Party on... Power to the people!
If you see us at festivals come say hello :)


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Gadgets & Dancefloor Fun - SALE ON NOW!

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The things you've always wanted but couldnt find!